BIZEF has carried out the following original projects:

- Corporate films Cubo VISiON Telecom
- Video istallation future Lab CenterTelecom
– Pllole di rete
corporate film Telecom web content
- Palatelecom
- Smart inclusion
corportae film Telecom
- Brand Identuty Telecom
- Schiaffo alla mafia (a blow to the mafia
Documentary – 60 minutes, broadcaster RAI EDUCATIONAL
The emotional journey of a group of young people farming the lands confiscated to    MAFIA
- Graphic reporter
Documentary – 60 minutes, broadcaster RAI EDUCATIONAL
A new journalism is rising from comic strips, catching the imagination and the
attention  of young people.
Comic strip artists are taking up pen and ink to convey reality, politics and history.
- So close so far: portraits in the suburbs
2008    Documentary 60 minutes
- A day in ANDY’S life
Performance about Andy Warhol
1 hour art Gallery “Studio Miscetti”, Rome
Technologies  : Fog Screen
- Discovering Morocco
Documentary  2 episodes  30 minutes each
- Borsette (Bags)
15 episodes – Mini portraits of women from their bags
- I fumetti e noi  (Comics and us)
6 episodes of 30 minutes each about comic book heroes
broadcaster: RAI SAT PREMIUM
- Preti di strada  (Street priests)
Documentary 60 minutes
broadcaster: RAI Educational
Contents: portraits of priests  in the suburbs.
- lL futuro è già qui:viaggio nella comunicazione (The Future is Here: exploring the communication)
Documentary 60 minutes
broadcaster: RAI Educational
Contents: the future of communication
- Dolce Italia
Documentary 60 minutes
broadcaster: RAI Educational
Contents: History of Italy’s confectionery industry
- Un mondo cantato ( A world in a ballad )
Traditional May singers pay homage to nature and people on 30th April, in          the ancient Tuscans village Castiglion d’Orcia.
Documentary 27 minutes
- Vergogna! Viaggio nel comune senso del pudore (The common sense of decency)
Documentary 2×60 minutes
broadcaster: RAI Educational
Contents: Evolution of Italian lifestyle after WW II
- Nuvole parlanti: Voci e Storie del Fumetto  (Speech Bubbles)
Documentary 2×60 minutes
broadcaster: RAI Educational
Contents: 100 years of comics told by famous fans such as Oscar winners
B-Bertolucci- G.Salvatores- M.Nichetti- E. Scola
Art Direction for major Event TELECOM
- Chiudi gli  occhi e vedrai – “Close your eyes and you will see”
Short film supported by IMAIE
Presented  at Festival Mar del Plata (Argentina 2006)
Selected for David Donatello 2006
Film Festival Siena
- DIVA l’altra voce della scienza ( DIVA the other face of science)
Institutional Documentary 20 minutes (Italian-English)
CNR, Italian National Research Institute – European Commission VI°         Framework Programme
Contents: video aimed at promoting the choice of a scientific career       among     female high school students.
- Un Tuareg a Roma
Documentary 20‘
broadcaster: RAI Educational
Contents: From Rome to Niger:an insight of the life of Zaccaria, a Tuareg         living between the modern Italian capital and the traditional Air.
- Profumi d’oriente-  (Perfumes of the Orient)
Documentary 2  episodes of 40 m each
broadcaster: GAMBERO ROSSO channel
Contents: travelling in Yemen, learning how cook traditional dishes
- Les voiles de St Tropez
Documentary 30 minutes
- Dolci d’Autore (Designer cakes)